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The DMZ’s top ten tech Twitter accounts to follow

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The DMZ’s top ten tech Twitter accounts to follow

The DMZ has created a curated list of people and organizations to keep tabs on, whether you’re looking for bite-sized updates or advice on which market to break into next. After all, success is often about who you know – or in this case, who you follow.

1. Tech Crunch | @TechCrunch

You’ve probably heard of it before, and for good reason. Tech Crunch is one of the leading platforms for technology-related updates catered to founders and startups. Here you can find real-time breaking news and insightful analysis from the best in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Disney strikes a big adtech deal with The Trade Desk as Disney+ expands into ads by @laurenforristal

— TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) July 12, 2022

2. BetaKit | @BetaKit

The only independent tech innovation publication in Canada, BetaKit aims to report on the people involved in building the next generation of Canadian tech companies. Through their account, you can be the first to read new stories and get job opportunities delivered right to your Twitter feed, or email inbox if you’re subscribed to their weekly newsletter.

Small and medium-sized businesses may not have deep pockets but they might be surprised to know that a few basic tools and protocols can successfully mitigate 99 percent of cyber attacks.

— BetaKit (@BetaKit) July 11, 2022

3. Emily Chang | @emilychangtv

Emily Chang is a prominent face in tech journalism. As the anchor and executive producer of Bloomberg Technology, you can find some of the biggest news stories in the tech world on her account, along with snippets of interviews she holds with leading executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

If you watch one thing about the Google/AI/feelings debate, watch this 10 mins with @mmitchell_ai re: Blake Lemoine aka @cajundiscordian

Full convo:

— Emily Chang (@emilychangtv) June 18, 2022

4. Business Insider Tech | @BITech

Popular news outlet Insider has a specific account dedicated just to their articles related to tech. Their slogan “What you wanna know” speaks for itself – with updates on major events and relevant and unique industry trends and analyses that you probably won’t find on other tech media giants.

Bill Gates’ VC fund and Intidex just led a $30 million round into Circ, a startup that slashes emissions from fast fashion. Check out the 11-slide pitch deck it used to raise the funds.

— Business Insider Tech (@BITech) July 12, 2022

5. The Next Web | @thenextweb

Based in Amsterdam, The Next Web is a tech Twitter staple that has been updating its followers on a variety of sub-sectors within the industry, with news from North America, the EU and so much more. Their occasional job postings and TECH TIP OF THE DAY guarantee that you can use their resources and put them to use.

It’s the ultimate fight between hackers and mathematicians, and the future is at stake

— TNW (@thenextweb) July 12, 2022

6. Anil Dash | @anildash

Anil Dash is the founder of Glitch, a coder community platform that promotes co-collaboration. Outside his day job, however, is when he adds the top tech stories – and sometimes pop culture – from various outlets to your timeline. You can expect some light-hearted personal anecdotes and interactions with others in the community.

The fundamental flaw of most social platforms is a tech mindset that thinks the hard part is managing content, when the hard part is actually managing discontent.

— Anil (@anildash) July 15, 2022


Tech veteran WIRED is many people’s go-to for up-and-coming technologies affecting any sector, whether it be culture, politics, or the economy. Get immediate delivery of their newest articles to your feed and read up on your daily commutes or breaks. Chances are someone else in the room is doing the same.

Daylight provides debit cards with your chosen name, no matter what your ID says. (From 2021)

— WIRED (@WIRED) July 12, 2022

8. The Verge | @verge

The Verge is a multimedia platform that treats technology as the centrepiece of culture as they report on technologies changing future life in media, transportation, and science. Add The Verge to your daily news check-ups and get interesting updates that you can be the first to know about among friends and co-workers.

What if we could look into the future and see how technology will change everything — from raising pets and houseplants to how we dress, eat, date, and even how we die. Our new docuseries The Future Of is premiering on @Netflix on June 21st

— The Verge (@verge) June 13, 2022

9. Arati Sharma | @aratisharma

If you’re looking for first-hand opinions and anecdotes from someone who knows what they’re talking about, give Arati Sharma – ex-Shopify executive’s – account a quick follow. Not only are you signing up for updates from a professional and a founder (Backbone Angels), but you also get some engaging and thought-provoking tweets about BIPOC and women-founded businesses.

“More than half of South Asian women in Canada are planning to leave their jobs, study reveals”… well that’s an alarming stat.

— Arati Sharma (@aratisharma) April 20, 2022

10. The DMZ | @TheDMZ

Forgive the shameless plug, but our own DMZ Twitter account can help you stay connected to a community of entrepreneurs and stay up to date with new events, programs and news on Toronto’s and the rest of the world’s startup ecosystems. This is where you can start implementing your ideas and connect with experts.

.@FredVanVleet is helping us spread the word that Blueprint: Backing BIPOC Businesses is back! Powered by @theDMZ, the mentorship & grant program designed to support the advancement of BIPOC businesses. Applications close on July 26, 2022. Eligibility criteria & terms apply.

— Amex Canada (@AmexCanada) June 14, 2022

Looking to turn your newfound knowledge into action? Check out our programming and take your first steps to success.

The DMZ’s news roundup: What went down in March

Power up with the DMZ’s News Roundup. Our new blog series is dedicated to providing you with a quick look back on what went down in the Canadian startup and innovation ecosystem this past month.

We’ve got you covered with the most relevant news, notable ecosystem wins, DMZ updates and more. 

Here’s a rundown of what went down.


New BDC report reveals Canadian tech sector driving growth across the economy and expects tech sector revenue to grow by 22% by 2024

The Canadian tech sector is driving growth across the economy. Experts are expecting tech sector revenue to grow by 22% by 2024. A new BDC report states that growth in the tech sector is expected to be 5.3% in 2022, and growth for the 2021-24 period is expected to be 22.4%. 

Read more here.

Export Development Canada makes pandemic investment program permanent for small- and medium-sized businesses

Export Development Canada (EDC) is making its investment matching program permanent after it was first launched as an emergency pandemic measure. The program provides up to $5-million in capital for companies that are raising funds from private investors. So far, EDC has invested $223-million in 82 companies through the program. Moreover, it aims to build a portfolio worth up to $500-million. 

Learn more here.

Canadian flag in the sky

“Y Combinator on steroids” – New security-focused tech fund

Glenn Cowan, a former member of Canada’s elite special operations unit, Joint Task Force 2, and Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand launched a new venture capital fund aimed at financing national security startups. Cowan led high-risk military missions across the globe and recognized that special force units are the breeding grounds for new security related technologies, and are comparable to US accelerator Y Combinator. 

One9 Venture Partners launched its Special Mission Fund I, which is focused on national security and infrastructure. 

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Vancouver-based tech recruiter, VanHack, is supporting Ukrainian tech talent

DMZ alumni VanHack (Accelerator ‘18) is helping tech professionals from Ukraine find work. A global leader in tech recruitment, VanHack is waiving its placement fee for all Ukrainian tech hires. Plus, they are encouraging employers to donate to verified Ukrainian-based charities in lieu of its placement fees. 

Read more here.

Vanhack founder - Ilya Brotzky

Virtual Gurus Secured $8.4 Million CAD to Grow Virtual Assistant Marketplace Across North America

Virtual Gurus announced a $8.4 million CAD Series A and non-dilutive funding round to support the company’s growth. The company is a virtual assistant marketplace that focuses on supporting underrepresented individuals who have been historically overlooked for quality jobs.

Additionally, Founder and CEO Bobbie Racette is one of the first Indigenous women from the Canadian startup ecosystem to successfully raise a Series A round.

Check it out here.

Proptech startup iRestify raised $6 million CAD and announced its expansion into the United States

DMZ alumni iRestify (Incubator ‘17) announced a $6 million CAD raise to pursue expansion plans in the United States. The all-in-one technology-driven solution for building maintenance management has been adopted by Canadian property management brands Minto and Canadian Urban. 

After a successful soft launch in New York, Co-Founders Erifili Morfidis and Charlotte Gummesson are excited for further growth. 

Learn more here.


The DMZ revealed inaugural award recipients of DMZ’s Women of the Year

All of DMZ's Winners of the year headshots for 2022
In celebration of International Women’s Day,
the DMZ unveiled the inaugural winners of our highly anticipated annual award: DMZ’s Women of the Year. Launched this year, the award honours inspirational women in Canada’s tech and business community and highlight their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to creating impact.

Check out all award winners here

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